McDonogh Holiday Duals
1) Each team will fill in their roster on trackwrestling by Thursday, December 29th at
11:00 pm.

2) Varsity weigh-in and skin check by teams will start at 8:30 am on 12/30. There
will be a ?
weight allowance from scratch weight.

3) Officials will be at the weigh-in to do a complete skin check.  Wrestlers with
treated or questionable skin conditions must have the NFHS Physicians release
form to participate.  Maryland Wrestling Officials will NOT accept any other notes.

4) All JV matches will be considered exhibition.  There will be no JV team score.  JV
coaches will bring a list of wrestlers and their weights to the assigned JV mats. We
will not weigh-in JV wrestlers, but if coaches feel they may need a wrestler to
compete on the Varsity team, they should weigh-in with the Varsity team. Opposing
coaches will match up wrestlers to get as many exhibition bouts as possible
between teams during each round.  Varsity wrestlers that do not wrestle during a
varsity round may wrestle exhibition bouts on the JV Mat.   No Wrestler may
compete in more than 5 bouts per day.

5) Awards - There will be a team trophy for the tournament champions.  

6) Dual meet ties will be broken according to the rulebook criteria.

7) Each team will be responsible for providing a scorekeeper for each dual that will
sit at the score table.

8) Teams arriving in vans and buses will be directed to drop off their wrestlers at
the curb of the RL Athletic Center, then park in the lower bus lot.
McDonogh Holiday Duals - Rules