McDonogh Firecracker Duals
8 Team Format
8 Team Format
Pool A
Team 1
Team 3
Team 5
Team 7
Pool B
Team 2
Team 4
Team 6
Team 8
Teams will be separated into 2 pools of 4 and round robin for 3 matches to determine
placement in pool.
Round 4        1A vs. 2B        1B vs. 2A        3A vs. 4B        3B vs. 4A
Round 5        1A vs. 1B        2B vs. 2A        3A vs. 3B        4B vs. 4A
Rounds 4 & 5:
Based on pool placement, teams will wrestle 2 teams from the opposing pool for 2
matches.  See below.
Placement will be determined by record followed by head-to-head.
Round 1        T1 vs. T7        T3 vs. T5        T2 vs. T8        T4 vs. T6
Round 3        T1 vs. T3        T5 vs. T7        T2 vs. T4        T6 vs. T8
6 & 4 Team Format
Both 6 and 4 team formats will be round robin for 5 matches and 3 matches
respectively.  Teams will place based on record and ties will be broken based on
head-to-head competition.